During these years of activity McService has developed the knowledge and the professionalism necessary to carry out overhauls and retrofitting for old shaping machine, industrial automations, mechanical equipment and assembly lines, so that the updating of its mechanics and on-board electronics permit to conform their productivity at new pace of work imposed by increasingly pressing work cycles, or to restore the lost precision and efficiency.
In its workshops, McService makes specialized retrofit and complete maintenance of shaping machines, industrial automation, mechanical equipment, assembly lines, also realizing custom-made adjustments.
Regarding the mechanical and electronic sides, the company performes specialized retrofitting, which consists in converting the traditional shaping machines into numerically controlled machines, by the substitution or installation of advanced controllers or new generation mechanical drives, and eventually, by a general inspection and upgrading of the mechanical part.
McService performes ordinary revision works too: mechanical parts modification, guides grinding, wear-checks, ball screw assemblies replacements, to make the owned machines more efficient and usable, while maintaining their economic value.