Sviluppare un Lay-out ottimale per le esigenze di un azienda è un punto fondamentaDeveloping a company customized lay-out is a key factor to create fluidity in manufacturing, synergy, and communication between departments without forgetting optimization in logistics. The realization of a functional lay-out requires always a study of production process, in which different production phases are parcelled out, in order to analyse the possible integration of commercial or customer-tailored machines for the optimization of the very same process.
The lay-out is the disposition of the machineries, manufacturing departments and material/equipment supply areas, based on the study of the productive trial in relationship to the available spaces.
The productive trial and the lay-out emerge in the very planning phase of the productive lines, including eventually the study of targets for the possible automation of handmade operations or phases, and feasibility studies to convert makings, performed by “invented on the field” tools or “fortune” equipment, in automatic machineries.