Feedingstuff sampling machine can receive feed by silos, tanks and storage systems in general. Thanks to its withdrawal syringe it can pull out the right amount of material from its tank, storing it in special bags or containers.
Through a small plc McService can program and certify the sampling actions. All the materials are suitable with the food and biomedical stuff.

  • The sampling tool, visible in a few pictures, is built with innovative technologies and it works in a way that makes it unique.
  • The particular technical characteristics allow it to be used by private companies and public authorities in order to verify – by means of programmed withdrawals – the quality of products intended for human or animal nutrition and their compliance with Community/national legislation.
  • Il Automatic sampler mod. TALGAN 1 is made of stainless steel AISI 308/316 and all surfaces coming into contact with the product are sterilized.
  • Thanks to his light weight (about 35 Kg) and the particular wheels on which it is installed, it is easy to transport this machine even on surfaces with a difference in height of 180 mm (steps / scales).
  • It works with normal current of 220 volts, except for some devices running at low voltage of 24 volts.
  • It can be powered by a battery pack that is supplied on request.
  • Remote operation is performed via a standard global system for mobile communications (GSM) using a simple SIM card that allows the operator to control the machine and receive information about the various work phases, by a mobile phone.
  • The automatic sampler has 10 harvest posts that can flow either into jars or into bags
  • At one sampler side there is a transparent door that allows at any time to verify the filling phases accuracy of the sample receivers.