McService S.r.l. is a solid and innovative company that has been active for years in mechanical field.
McService S.r.l. is fully integrated into the industrial area of Modena, world-renowned for its high-quality mechanical production.
The company’s key strength is its experienced, flexible and highly specialized technical staff, that can effectively comply to the most challenging demands, providing a wide range of high quality services.

Its tested ability of helping its customers at every stage of the process, giving technical consulting on criticity, problems and particular industrial and productive necessities, solving matters in the construction, logistic/organization, communication fields, make McService the ideal partner, with its innovative technologies and a variety of experiences, from the first steps of the project to its implementation and final testing of equipment, machinery, production lines.

With its big, solid and various experience, today McService can face and solve even the most articulated and difficult projectual demands. In addition, if the customer feels it useful, the company can take the responsibility of projectual coordination activities: this approach raises the client from the usual difficulties of management and allows the Customers and their technical departments to concentrate all their energies on the strategic and productive details.

McService can also answer to any necessity concerning the realisation of prototypes and industrial products all inclusive, raising the customer from any issue regarding the management of many and various things that are necessary to arrive to the final result. With relative savings in terms of time, costs and stress.